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Arab Development
Launched on 25 April 2016, the Arab Development Portal is a data warehouse and knowledge platform that offers timely and high quality data and knowledge on key development topics in the Arab region.

The ADP is a bilingual, Arabic and English language, one-stop-shop that centers around a unique and dynamic database. It leverages data visualization to make information more meaningful, digestible, and user-friendly, offering advanced tools for data browsing, data extraction and data visualization. It also hosts a rich pool of resources such as publications and blog entries, in addition to the latest news and events.

For more information on the ADP and its Database. Watch the Two-minute Video on ADP and the ADP Data Visualization and Data Export Tutorial.
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Data and knowledge resources on development issues in the Arab region are often outdated, unreliable, and fragmented across multiple international, regional and local sources. When available, data are often presented in a long-winded way that is time-consuming to read, which discourages users from fact-based analysis or policy-design. By having access to and effectively using knowledge resources, individuals, firms, and communities can become more actively involved in rethinking development policies or leading on entrepreneurial initiatives, thereby contributing to sustainable development.

Quick facts on the ADP

A one-stop-shop
on development in
the Arab region

Covers 11 topics
and 22 Arab

In English and

Offers the

presented on
the ADP are

A knowledge sharing and
networking space

advanced tools
for data
and extraction

Offers a rich
pool of

Despite the increasing number of internet users in the Arab region, which is expected to reach 197 million by 2017, making up almost half the population, online access to data and quality information remains difficult, mainly due to data gaps and ineffective channels of dissemination. The Arab Development Portal (ADP) comes to bridge this gap. The ADP is a platform to support decision-makers, development practitioners, researchers, entrepreneurs, journalists, and civil society organizations who care about quality data and new analysis on the status of sustainable development in the Arab region.
What does the ADP offer?
Easy access to
development data
The ADP provides easy access to an interactive multi-source bilingual database on development issues in the Arab countries. The database currently hosts around 2,750 indicators offering recent data on 11 development topics from year 2000 onwards. Eventually, more topics continue to be added and the time series will be extended. The data are extracted from websites of internat ional organizations, national statistical offices (NSOs) of Arab countries, and other governmental agencies. The ADP filters data from a variety of sources to bring the most relevant and high quality information together into one trusted, open and interactive platform.
The ADP database currently hosts around 2,750 indicators extracted from national statistical offices and international organizations from year 2000 onwards. By 2017, the data series will be extended back to 1990.
What does the ADP offer?
Latest statistical
You can benefit from the ADP's current thematic overviews and statistical snapshots that offer simplified statistical analysis by country or on a specific topic for the whole Arab region. The thematic overviews and snapshots are based on updated data produced by international organizations. For the country overviews and statistical snapshots, the ADP's statistical analysis is mainly based on official statistics, unless data are not available.
The ADP currently covers 11 topics across all Arab countries: banking and finance, demography, education, energy, gender, labor and employment, macroeconomy, poverty, private sector development, trade, and water and food security. By 2017, it will also cover two additional topics; namely health and environment.
What does the ADP offer?
New publications and
insightful blog entries
The ADP offers open access to a large depository of publications, expert opinion, and analysis, published by a variety of national, regional and international publishers. The ADP also hosts a networking and knowledge sharing space to write online commentary in the form of short blog posts.

The ADP is home to over 1,000 publicly available publications on various development topics.
The ADP calendar introduces users to different events concerned with development in the Arab countries.

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Who can use the ADP
and for what purpose?
The interactive and user-friendly database and concise snapshots of the ADP come in handy for a variety of assignments. They are useful as background information for research and academic papers, or for conceptualizing development projects. Business start-ups can also benefit from the ADP database and its additional resources to conduct market research in the Arab region and connect with those working in similar fields. Journalism that covers development topics is made much easier, with the ADP offering open access to interactive data that can form the basis of news stories.

Entrepreneurs, researchers, academics, students, civil society workers, journalists, and bloggers can all benefit from the ADP. The interactive platform makes life easier for professionals concerned with development, as it offers the latest credible data and rich resources on a range of topics.

A policy-maker?

Use the ADP database and thematic and country overviews to draft policy briefs that are well targted

A development

The ADP database and thematic and country overviews offer qualitative and quantitative information on development in the Arab region

An Entrepreneur?

Use the ADP database to produce accurate and reliable market studies and connect with your peers from the region and beyond

A Development

Work on situation analysis using the ADP database and thematic and country overviews
to design more impactful and fact-based advocacy campaigns

Are you a Researcher?

Build on the ADP's credible and centralized database to conduct more sophisticated research

Are you a Journalist

You can get the latest figure on poverty for your opinion article in one click!

Are you a Student?

The ADP offers easier access to trustworthy data and a diverse repository that can help you in writing an inspiring thesis on the Arab region

The ADP builds
The world of academia, the private sector and civil society are the primary target audiences of the ADP. The ADP strives to build partnerships with international organizations, governments, data producers, universities, research centers, media outlets, civil society organizations, and professional networks. It aims to bring together the knowledge and experience of regional and global leaders and experts in sustainable development including aid agencies, researchers, data engineers and statisticians, open data advocates, and innovative entrepreneurs to empower communities and individuals and contribute to meeting the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Partnership ideas and proposals are continuously welcomed by the ADP
What is the added value of the Arab Development Portal?


National Statistical Offices in the Arab region have websites out of 22


Arab countries offer online databases


Arab countries offer data visualization

The majority of Arab countries present data in simplistic static tables, images and PDFs

Official statistics are only one click away on the ADP! While it is true that the majority of National Statistical Offices (NSOs) in Arab countries have websites (20 out of 22), nine countries offer an online database and only two offer data visualization tools. The majority of countries continue to present data either in the form of simplistic static tables, posted as an image on the website, or statistical yearbooks disseminating annual or quarterly data in the form of PDF files or word documents. Very few websites offer data in the form of excel sheets. As such, and given the weak infrastructure of the online dissemination of official statistics, the ADP acts as an interactive data platform that bridges the gap between what data producers offer and the needs of data users. In parallel, the ADP is working closely with NSOs to improve the data ecosystem in Arab countries and set a regional platform to exchange knowledge on best practices

The ADP and the
Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs)
The ADP is developing an SDGs tracking tool: a quantitative and qualitative tool to measure the availability of SDG indicators at the national level in the Arab region and to monitor the development achieved towards SDG objectives and targets.
Open data is a key part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Data are considered to be one of the fundamental elements of the accountability framework of SDGs. Unlimited access to data could hugely contribute to the Arab region's social and economic growth.
The ADP supports open data, access to key information and the ability to use it, SDGs, and data-based journalism. It champions innovation, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship across the Arab region.
Using the ADP, UNDP will offer hands-on training on SDGs to empower users to use data analysis as a tool to tackle major challenges and to design fact-based advocacy campaigns on environment, employment, education, gender equality, etc.
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WWW.ARABDEVELOPMENTPORTAL.COM offers unlimited access to official data and statistics, harmonized and restructured, with the ability for multi-country comparisons, enhanced through interactive data visualization tools, easy to view and export, and available in both English and Arabic. Knowledge is power. The ADP is your gateway to knowledge on the Arab region, providing open data that is accessible, easy to understand, and meaningful. It helps to solve challenges facing the development and growth of the Arab region
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