The Arab Development Portal (ADP) aims to provide all users with easy access to an interactive database on development issues in Arab countries. The ADP database has been built on data published by national statistical offices of Arab countries and other governmental agencies, in addition to international organizations. Depending on data availability, it offers recent data (2000 onward) on 12 thematic topics: Banking and Finance, Demography, Education, Energy, Gender, Health, Labor and Employment, Macroeconomy, Poverty, Private Sector Development, Trade, and Water and Food Security.


Users can easily access statistics either published by national sources or international organizations. The ADP advises users interested in a specific country to opt for the national source as it displays official statistics published by the respective country. While it advises users interested in conducting comparative analysis or looking for data on more than one country, to select data listed under international source. The dataset of the latter is based on the same methodology and ensures that consistent analysis can be conducted. With regard to indicators collected from national sources, the ADP introduced minimal interference and has only contributed, when applicable, to unifying the terminology across the indicators. The ADP database is not exhaustive and encourages users to check the websites of the original sources for the complete list of indicators.


The ADP interactive database allows users to visualize or export data.