Arab Development Portal (ADP)
2017.10.19 09:00 GMT - 2017.10.23 18:00 GMT, Lebanon

This is an open call for all youth in the Arab region (aged 18-30) to participate in the First SDGs Data Dive Camp in the Arab region with an opportunity to produce visual content on development issues of their concern and win valuable cash prizes.


Deadline for submission is September 10, 2017


Within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Arab Development Portal (ADP) is launching an open data hackathon titled “Visualize 2030” – the First SDGs Data Dive Camp in the Arab Region – whereby it calls upon youth to visualize how their country or the Arab region would look like by 2030.





Target audience


  • a coder, hacker, programmer, designer, data analyst, data scientist, statistician, development practitioner, photographer or enthusiast?
  • skilled enough to process data and produce innovative and creative stories?
  • concerned with the future of your country or the Arab region? Or are you simply thinking about how to improve your life and the lives of others?



  • have a vision for your country? Or do you have serious concerns over the future of your country or the Arab region and feel pessimistic about the future?
  • have something to say about your country or region?
  • have ANYTHING TO SAY about your concerns, aspirations, priorities, dreams, etc.?


You are invited either to dream of the country or region you wish to live in by 2030 or dig deep into your greatest fears to visualize what you don’t want to see happening by 2030.


APPLY NOW to join Visualize 2030 – 5-day SDGs Data Dive Camp –  to compete with other data and development enthusiasts from the region and become part of a challenging event bringing together representatives from tech giants, leading data scientists, designers, development practitioners, influencers and many others.  All the applicants’ expenses will be covered by UNDP.


Topics to be addressed



Technical requirements


The applicants can apply as individuals or form teams of up to 3 members each.


Interested individual applicants are expected to submit:

  1. a letter of interest: a motivational letter to participate in the camp [up to 2 pages]
  2. professional portfolio [be creative in presenting your portfolio]
  3. application on the project/idea you wish to develop [completely filled]
  4. samples of previous work [in the format you think suitable]


In the case of teams, the following should be submitted

  1. a joint letter of interest enclosing how their participation as a team is of value-added [up to 2 pages]
  2. professional portfolio of each team member [be creative in presenting your portfolio]
  3. application on the project/idea the team to be addressed [completely filled]
  4. samples of previous work as a team or individual [in the format you think suitable]   


  • Incomplete submissions will be automatically considered non-eligible.
  • You can present your submissions in English or Arabic.
  • Participants are expected to be from the Arab region.


Send your complete application to the following email


An evaluation committee, from different fields – development practitioners, leading data scientists and analysts, technology professionals, graphic designers, and founders of successful data-driven start-ups, will select the top 30 participants/ideas to participate in the Visualize 2030 Camp.


On the last day of Visualize 2030, the evaluation committee will select the top 3 winners to be offered valuable cash prizes


Visualize 2030 – 19-23 October 2017


Visualize 2030 will bring together the top 30 participants (individuals and teams) to participate in a data dive adventure in order to collectively think and engage with one another to unleash the power of data: create and produce visual content such as infographics, illustrations, and videos using the ADP Database and other sources. The participants will have the chance to meet the evaluation committee experts, representatives from tech giants, international and regional NGOs, and media institutions and to attend informational seminars on:

  • Open data for SDGs
  • Ethical use of data
  • Data efficiency and effective visualization
  • Data crunching: How to make use of data?
  • Successful data-driven initiatives


Visualize 2030 aiming at liberating data, will result in:

  • Data visualization products
  • Static and interactive Infographics
  • Illustrations
  • Videos
  • Web interactive links
  • Applications prototypes


The working languages of the camp are English and Arabic.


Click here to see the video of Visualize 2030



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