The Arab Development Portal (ADP) is an initiative of the Coordination Group of Arab, National and Regional Development Institutions (CG), the Islamic Development Bank and the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The initiative aims to enhance the knowledge of people on development in the Arab region.


Data and knowledge resources on development issues in the Arab World are often outdated, of irregular reliability, and fragmented across multiple international, regional and local sources. By having access to and effectively using knowledge resources, individuals, firms and communities can improve their individual and collective well-being, thereby contributing to sustainable development. At a time when the number of internet users in the Arab world is expected to reach 197 million by 2017, a penetration of over 51 percent up from 32 percent in 2012, investing in an open online platform offers a unique opportunity to capitalize on this unprecedented increase in internet activity.


ADP is a comprehensive, one-stop-shop knowledge resource that aims to improve the scope, depth, reliability, and availability of high-quality development knowledge to support development progress in the Arab region. It is a bilingual – Arabic and English – online knowledge platform that includes a unique database, advanced tools for data browsing, extraction, and visualization, and a rich pool of additional resources, covering twelve key development topics across all Arab countries. Currently, its database contains more than 2,000 indicators extracted from national statistical offices and international organizations. Its resource repository is home to over 1,000 publications


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