Status of Women and Gender Equality in the Arab Region (Beijing +20)

Although much has been achieved in recent years to advance the rights of women and girls in the Arab region, inequalities persist at many levels, often perpetuated by law. In some countries, conflict has set back progress made and threatens the very security of women and girls. Moreover, the region has failed to put into effect one of the basic principles of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action on gender equality and women's empowerment: the full and equal participation of women in decision-making. Twenty years after the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, this review of its implementation could not be more timely.

This study reviews the political, institutional, social and economic dimensions of the status of women in addition to the safety, security and protection of women in times of war and peace in the Arab region. It highlights key recommendations adopted in Beijing, which can still be tailored to fit the context and needs of each country. This study, it is hoped, will encourage Governments and other concerned parties to redouble their commitment to the vision of the Beijing Declaration. It provides a sound foundation on which to build future development and gender equality strategies.

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