• Labor Force Participation

    02 Dec 2016
    Labor force participation rate in the region is the lowest worldwide at 49.8% in 2015, mostly due to the low participation rates of women. This rate is the lowest in conflict-inflicted countries such as Palestine (43.7%), Iraq (42.4%), and Syria (41.7%).Read More
  • Gender-Based Disparities in the Labor Market

    26 May 2016
    Gender-based disparities continue in the labor market in the Arab region, where women face a higher risk of unemployment and more barriers to entry to the labor market. Though women’s unemployment rate in the Arab region has decreased over the last sixteen years from 22.4% in 2000 to 19.96% in 2015, it is still very high compared to men’s unemployment rate of 8.96% and to the world average of 6.2%.Read More