ADP Latest Data Updates and Visualization Tools

09 Feb 2017
  • ADP Latest Data Updates and Visualization Tools

As of 1 January 2017, the Arab Development Portal (ADP) database has been updated with latest available statistics published by Arab National Statistical Offices (NSO)s and international organizations. Moreover, as a user of ADP database you can now visualize recent data using the upgraded visualization tool.


Latest official statistics as of January 1, 2017


The ADP database has been updated with the latest available statistics and relevant indicators extracted from the online databases and statistical publications published on the website of the Arab National Statistical Offices (NSOs) and international organizations, covering the period from 2000 till 2015. Our country and thematic overviews and snapshots have been updated accordingly.


As such, the ADP multi-source database now encloses 1,952 unique indicators and 12,493 records covering 9 development topics, namely, demography, education, energy, gender, labor and employment, macroeconomy, poverty, trade, and water and food security. The ADP’s poverty, health, environment and energy topics will also be made available very soon, so stay tuned in! 


  • Number of indicators and records per topic:



  • Number of indicators per country:



  • Number of records per country: 



ADP users’ visualization experience enhanced


As part of ADP’s continuous efforts to enhance the users’ experience and to provide up-to-date tools for data browsing, visualization and extraction, the ADP’s data visualization tool has been updated offering a time-saving and more interactive experience.


The easy-to-use tool allows users to browse data in a metro style starting from selecting the source, country, topic, subject and indicator by scrolling horizontally to select. Moreover, users can now visualize data using six different options, namely, line, stack, bar, b-stack, radar, and polar, with the choice to add labels, use logarithmic scale, and change the theme.


In parallel, ADP has restructured its database technology, which has resulted in boosting the speed of browsing, visualization and extraction.

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