ADP-UNICEF Launches a Youth-Focused Thematic Page

23 Aug 2019
  • ADP-UNICEF Launches a Youth-Focused Thematic Page

In recognition of the vital role of youth to implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the Arab countries, the Arab Development Portal – UNDP RBAS and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have joined forces to co-develop a youth thematic page to highlight the challenges facing young people today and the emerging opportunities they have access to. 

The ADP’s youth page acts as an open platform to facilitate the work of data analysts and scientists, academics, researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, civil society practitioners, journalists, development practitioners, community leaders, and others from the Arab region or those concerned with the region. Users can access, use, analyze, review, monitor and visualize data that either directly relate to the status of youth in the Arab region or to factors shaping the quality of their lives. 
It offers access to international and national youth datasets for 22 Arab countries, among other knowledge resources, through ADP’s Data Visualization Tool and ADP’s Sustainable Development Goal’s Tracking Tool. Currently, it offers access to more than 650 youth indicators, more than 121,000 data points and 9 development topics, namely demography, health, education, labor and employment, gender, banking and finance, poverty, information and communications technology and governance. This pool of data allows youth to delve into the latest available data and historic data dating back to 1990. It enables youth to make data-driven decisions that are backed up with verifiable data, enrich their research content, and visualize national and international data that relate to their priorities and aspirations. 

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