Energy thematic topic and datasets updated

26 Jul 2017
  • Energy thematic topic and datasets updated

The energy sector is one of the main drivers of socio-economic development. The Arab region is one of the world’s richest regions in terms of oil and gas resources.


The stand-alone thematic page on “Energy” on the Arab Development Portal, which encloses an overview on energy status in the Arab region, latest publications and key resources, is updated to include the latest development in this regard. 


Users can access 95,157 data points on energy


In parallel, the energy datasets are now updated with the latest statistics published by national sources and international organizations. The users can now access 381 indicators and 90,821 data points from the year 2000 onward and conduct multi-country comparisons if they opt for international sources. Additionally, 172 indicators and 4,336 data points published by national sources are available. The users can visualize and export indicators from both sources using ADP data visualization and export tool.


The national dataset includes statistics published by national statistical offices and respective ministries. While the international dataset includes statistics published by International Energy Agency (IEA), The World Bank, and World Health Organization (WHO).


The dataset covers different topics, namely final energy consumption, transformation, primary energy supply, energy sustainability, energy sources and uses, energy exports and imports, and energy poverty.


You can now check the full updated overview on energy in the Arab region here and visualize and export health data. For insights on energy in the Arab region, check ADP blog here.

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